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After School Program

Mon-Fri After School to 6:00pm

After School Program

Mon-Fri After School ~ 6:30pm

After School Program
After School Program

After School Program

Lee’s Martial Arts Academy After-School Program is now in full swing! We are truly excited for this opportunity as it is unlike any other regular after school program in the area. We will teach students about respect, confidence, discipline, perseverance, integrity, and responsibility during our after-school program while also having fun learning and exhausting the energy they have.

Your child will be supervised Monday thru Friday from when school lets out to 6:00pm at the Lee’s Martial Arts Academy (exact location TBA) during the weekdays, Monday ~ Friday, on the days you wish to sign-up. Some of the ideal activities you can expect will be Reading Time, Home Work Time, Group Time, Organized Activity Time, Free Choice Activity Time, Snack Time, etc.

What is the goal

Our goal is to put purpose into our After-School Program. Rather than having kids come in to after school program to kill time before parents come to pick them up, we want them to feel successful and rewarded for the hard work they are doing. We want all the students to graduate Lee’s Martial Arts Academy After-School Program and receive their official certified Black Belt Certificate.

If students are consistent with their attendance and continue their commitment and determination, they will gain the skill to last a lifetime.

What is included in this after school program

The best part of our After-School Program that stands out from other after school programs is that it also includes training in TAEKWONDO CLASS taught by our experienced instructor, Master Lee. All students will begin by receiving their White Belt working towards a higher rank. They will also be eligible to participate in our SUCCESS PROGRAM during their TaeKwonDo training, and receive a Student Manual to follow at home, school, and TKD school. Cultivating Exceptional Attitude is one program that your child will benefit from our After-School Program here at the Lee’s Martial Arts Academy.

Transportation is provided

Transportation is an important part of After-School Program that many working parents need. We will pick up your child from their elementary school and bring them to Lee’s Martial Arts Academy to begin their After-School Program. Parents will need to pick up their child from the Lee’s Martial Arts Academy when they are done.

New Enrollment for after school program begins now!

More details on location, schedules, and fees are available now. Please CONTACT US with your interest in our After-School Program and we’ll happily send you the details once available to the public. We appreciate your patience and interest as we prepare this exciting program that many kids will benefit from. Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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