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January 2019

Buddy Week!
January 14, 2019 - Monday through January 18, 2019 - Friday
Bring a friend to Taekwondo! See Master Lee, Master Jung, or Instructor C.J. for more information on buddy week.

February 2019

Parents Night Out
February 09, 2019 - Saturday
It's that time again (Valentine's Day). This is your chance to get out on the town with out your children. Sign up for Parent's Night Out at the dojang.

March 2019

Color Belt Testing
March 07, 2019 - Thursday through March 08, 2019 - Friday - Times to be determined
You will need to wear your full uniform (NO Tshirts) and belt. The day and time slot will be announced soon. Use your current belt level to determine your testing time.