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  1. What is TaeKwonDo and how is it different from other martial arts?
    The martial arts were developed thousands of years ago as forms of self defense. Karate originated in Japan and Kung Fu came from China. TaeKwonDo is native to Korea. In terms of techniques, TaeKwonDo emphasizes kicks more than other martial arts, making it ideal for improving your child’s balance, flexibility, and endurance. Literally translated, ‘Tae’ means foot, ‘Kwon’ means hand, and ‘Do’ means art or the way of life.
  2. At what age can you start training in your school?
    You can start TKD from age 4 in our Little Tigers Class, and age 6 in our Children Class. However, depending on individual child, we have accepted some 3 1/2 years olds to start TKD. To find out if your child can start TKD at LMAA, please contact us at our facility at (503) 682-2318.
  3. How often can I come to class?
    We recommend that you attend at least two days a week of TKD training at LMAA. You can join our Black Belt program which gives you the ability to come to three classes per week, plus the benefit of Saturday class. For more information about our programs, please contact us at our facility to make appointments at (503) 682-2318.
  4. What programs do you have and how much does it cost?
    Depending on the different specials we will be on, our programs and fees may change and vary. We recommend that you come by and visit our facility to get more information about our programs and fees. At the same time, you can personally view our school and even watch some of our class in action. Stop by our location as your visit will be always welcome at LMAA!
  5. Where are you located?
    We are located in the Wilsonville Town Center near Dollar Tree and Safeway.  Our address is 8263 SW Wilsonville Rd # A, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070. (503) 682-2318.
  6. Do you have any special introductory classes for the new beginners?
    Yes. All of the new members to our school are offered a Special Trial Sessions at a discounted rate. A FREE uniform and a FREE belt are also included in the special. If you or your child has never experienced martial arts, then this is the best way to find out and learn how it can benefit you and your family. Also, this entrance will help you find out more about our school and learn how to become a student of LMAA to get the utmost training by Master Lee. There is no obligation to this special and there is nothing to loose. Your first step to training at LMAA may be the best choice you’ve ever made.
  7. Do you provide any discounts on your tuitions?
    Yes we do. We have two kinds of tuition discounts. One is a Family Program where discount is applied to a family with more than one member joining together. Second is a Corporate Program where the discount is offered to the corporate employees with numbers of employees signing up in our program together. For more information, please contact our facility at (503) 682-2318.
  8. Can I transfer my belt from another school?
    Yes. At LMAA, we acknowledge the training you have in TKD and will try to meet the same level of training you carried over. In most cases, Master Lee will observe your skill and knowledge and discuss with you on what level will work for you. If the belt rank order is different in some cases, he will find the same level belt for you.
  9. How often can I test?
    We have four Belt Tests in a year, on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September, and in December. Taking the Belt Test is just as important as the regular TKD classes and required to pass in order to move onto the next level of TKD. If you plan to take the Belt Test every time, then you can test four times a year. However, if you decide not to take the test, it is still no problem. You can always test on the next one coming in three months. Do keep in mind that, we have Make-Up Test available for those with schedule conflicts that cause you to miss the regular belt test day. Prior discussion with Master Lee is required.