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Korean Flag

The Korean flag symbolizes much of the thought, philosophy, and mysticism of the Orient. The symbol, and sometimes the flag itself, is called the “Tae-Geuk”.

Depicted on the flag is a circle, divided equally, and blocked in perfect balance. The upper section (red) represents the Yang, and the lower (blue) represents the um, and ancient symbol of the universe. The two opposites express the Dualism of the cosmos: fire and water, day and night, dark and light, construction and destruction, masculine and feminine, active and passive, heat and cold, plus and minus and so on7.

The central thought in Tae-Geuk indicates that while there is a constant movement within the sphere of infinity there are also balance and harmony. As a simple example, kindness and cruelty may be taken into consideration. If parents are kind to a child, it is good, but they may spoil and weaken him, and thus lead him to become a vicious man and source of disgrace to his ancestors.

Three bars at each corner also carry the ideas of opposition and balance. The three unbroken lines stand for heaven; the opposite three broken lines represent the earth. At the lower left hand of the flag are two lines with a broken line between. This symbolizes fire. The opposite is the symbol of water.