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Promotional Belt Testing

Testing is an opportunity to give a comprehensive demonstration of all the skills you have acquired in order to earn your next belt. During this time, you will be judged on your performance of your forms, self-defense, sparring, breaking, KiHap, respect, manner, questions, and attitude. This is the time when Master Lee will be focused entirely on you and your progress and accomplishments. It is your chance to demonstrate to him much you have improved since your last test.

Testing is also an opportunity for all of our students to get together and witness the development of the school’s seniors and juniors. It is a chance for you to watch your juniors and recognize how far you’ve come. It is also a chance for you seniors to see what you have to look forward to. Testing is also an event that draws students together. It is a time to show support to each other and share in one another’s accomplishments.

In addition, testing gives you a chance to learn more about yourself. How do your mind and body react to performance pressure? Do you get more nervous than you anticipated? Are you a ‘prime time player’ who rises to the occasion? You will gain the skill of performing under pressure as you become more experienced with belt testing.

Finally, although you will be nervous before your test, testing should be a fun learning experience. Think of it as your moment to shine!

Belt Testings at LMAA are given quarterly, four times a year. For more information about our program or our Quick Start Offer, contact us or stop by our location and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

As I’ve said, don’t wait now, start today!