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Stripes to Success

What is the Stripes to Success Program

taewkondo strips for success

The STRIPE SYSTEM is used to motivate and reward our students for their hard work and good behavior. It is also designed to challenge each student to set goals and work towards achieving them. All students will be required to earn stripes (depending on age and level) in order to qualify for belt testing. This system is intended to help build discipline, respect, good habits, better focus, and positive attitude. These qualities are needed in every aspect of our lives – not just here in our Do-Jahng.

This system should be used as a tool to help build strong, confident, responsible, and respectful citizens of our school and our community. Our Stripe System consists of 1 Red Stipe, 1 Blue Strip, 6 (minimum) Brown Stripe, and as many Black Stipes as possible:

RED: School Success

Blue: Knowledge through Reading

Brown: Cultivating Exceptional Attitude

Black: Black Belt Attitude

More detailed information about the Stripe Program is built in our Student Manual that are handed out to each of our students. Don’t wait now, get started in our Quick Start Offer today!