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Family Class

taewkondo family class

The Purpose: If you have been looking for some family activities to share with your children, Lee’s Martial Arts Academy offers just the right combination for your family to enjoy and learn martial arts together. Training TaeKwonDo at the Lee’s Martial Arts Academy is an opportunity to gain individual goal-setting benefits, while at the same time, can be a life-long experience and bonding for your family to be training in TaeKwonDo together with just siblings or with the whole family as a team. Gain these benefits of fitness, skill development, and self-defense aspects of training through TaeKwonDo.

Parents and children, or siblings who train together will also benefit from our special Family Rate. For details, please contact our facility at (503) 682-2318 to come in and we’ll be happy to assist you. Participating in TKD as a family together is a fun way to be active with your child/sibling, create some truly special memories and learn something valuable in the process.