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FAQ For Adults

Board Breaking
Board Breaking
How will I benefit from training TKD?
LMAA incorporates combination of exercises for both body and mind. On the physical conditioning side, we strengthen the body through cardiovascular workouts, muscular development, and flexibility. Deep breathing and concentration exercise will relax our mind and relieve stress. As you continue to train your body and mind, you will learn to respond quickly to dangerous situation, self-defense training, and get in shape.
Will I learn self-defense in class?
Yes. As a matter of fact, TaeKwonDo is a self-defense martial art from Korea. It is never to be used to attack anyone but only to defense one’s self in dangerous situations. One-Step Sparring is one of the training in TKD to learn the self-defense techniques.
Am I too old to start TKD?
TaeKwonDo martial art is a great mental and physical training for people of all ages. You are never pressured to go beyond what you can achieve and it isn’t the strength and stamina that defines the meaning of TKD, but rather, the way of life you exemplify. They say that elders have more perseverance than the younger ages because of the years they have lived through. Well then, prove that to yourself and no others.
What if I’m out of shape?
Then TKD is definitely the exercise you need and LMAA is the place for you to be. Training TKD brings a total body workout of cardiovascular conditioning, muscular development, and flexibility that will burn lots of calories and achieve weight loss. To make it even better, achieving all of these goals through the training of TKD from Master Lee is even a greater accomplishment with purpose at the end of your session.
What other styles of teaching do you offer?
Master Lee has also trained in HapKiDo, which is a similar martial art to TaeKwonDo in an advanced special form of self-defense techniques. For more information on Master Lee’s teaching, please contact our facility at (503) 682‑2318.