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FAQ For Parents

Board Breaking
Board Breaking
Will the training increase aggressiveness or encourage my child to fight?
Absolutely not. At LMAA, our students are taught to never misuse the training of TKD to others, nor use as a tool for bullying. They will be reminded throughout their training that being physically and mentally tough does not allow one to use on others. Statistics have shown that people who know how to defend themselves rarely have to fight since they carry themselves in a more confident manner. At LMAA, we discipline our students from getting into trouble or starting fights.
Will the training at LMAA help my child reduce stress and focus better?
Training at LMAA will help your child to alleviate stress and feel better. The excess energy the training lets out will burn the build up tension in your child and help them to focus better after a long day at school. It has been said and mentioned by many doctorates that TKD has helped many kids with ADHD to focus better, and here at LMAA, we have several kids with ADHD that are well excelling in our programs.
What kind of programs do you have for kids?
At LMAA, we believe that every child needs to put effort to earn their promotional belt rank. Even to receive your first White Belt, our students will need to complete their Home Jobs where list of duties at home needs to be checked off. Then, our students will pass onto the Five Stripes to Success Program where five areas of our program’s individual goals need to be met in order to move onto the next step. Such areas include the performance report from their grade school teacher, reading certain number of books, TKD technique, six traits of attitude from the C.E.A. program, etc. Next is our Belt Test Program that all of our students will be tested quarterly for the training they’ve got for their level. These are some of the examples of programs that make LMAA different from other martial arts school.
How safe is it to learn?
TKD is safe and fun for students of all ages and physical abilities. Classes are taught by an expert instructor as students are shown techniques in a step-by-step manner at their own pace. A good warm up at the beginning of each class, thorough stretching routine, mat covered flooring, and protective safety equipments are all part of our commitment to ensure student’s safety. Because TKD is a performance by each individual, many are able to participate in TKD no matter what physical limits they have at their own pace.
My child is very shy (or have some attention issues). Will that be a problem?
Every child is different and has a different comfort threshold. If your child is shy and quiet, he/she might be uncomfortable at first with all the new activities and noises surrounding them, but given a few classes, they will see to it that everyone else is learning and doing the same thing, that everyone is loud and having a good time. Master Lee does a great job in welcoming new students and helping them to find their comfort level in the class. He will then continue on to bringing motivation and confidence in them to do the best they can outside of their comfort zone when ready.