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FAQ For LMAA Student

What are the belt ranks in LMAA?
Belt Color Ranking System (Lowest to Highest)
White - Basic Form #1
Yellow - Basic Form #2
Orange Tae Geuk – Ill Jahng (1)
Sr. Orange Tae Geuk – Ee Jahng (2)
Green Tae Geuk – Sam Jahng (3)
Sr. Green Tae Geuk – Sah Jahng (4)
Blue Tae Geuk – Ill ~ Sah Jahng (1~4)
Sr. Blue Tae Geuk – Oh Jahng (5)
Brown Tae Geuk – Yeuk Jahng (6)
Sr. Brown Tae Geuk – Chil Jahng (7)
Red Tae Geuk – Pal Jahng (8)
Sr. Red Tae Geuk – Oh ~ Pal Jahng (5~8)

First Degree Black Belt - Koryo
Second Degree Black Belt - Keumgang
Third Degree Black Belt - Taebaek
Fourth Degree Black Belt - Pyeongwon
Fifth Degree Black Belt - Sipjin
Sixth Degree Black Belt - Jitae
Seventh Degree Black Belt - Cheonkwon
Eighth Degree Black Belt - Hansoo
Ninth Degree Black Belt - Ilyo
How long will it take me to become a Black Belt student?
Achieving your First Degree Black Belt is an honorable moment you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. If you don’t miss any of our quarterly color belt tests, then it should take you about three years to become eligible to test for Black Belt. Our Black Belt Tests are held twice a year, in May and in November, so if you happen to miss one of our color belt tests, or black belt test, you can still take the next scheduled belt test to become a Black Belt student.
Are there opportunities to participate in competitions?
Yes. Tournaments or competitions are a great way to boost your confidence and to gain deeper knowledge and experience in the field of TaeKwonDo. Master Lee will let all of his students know of a recommended tournaments to participate in and only those interested are welcome to join.
What is a Black Belt Club Program?
Our exclusive Black Belt Club is especially designed to prepare our students to their highest level of training with dedication and commitment in a ‘Goal-Setting’ philosophy to Success. Our B.B.C. members are able to train five days a week and also join our Saturday morning class for more focused areas. Being a member of the B.B.C. isn’t just about the three years commitment to TaeKwonDo; it’s about becoming an example to others that you have made a goal, a commitment, and have the responsibility, in which you will fulfill when you become a proud Black Belt student. Now, wouldn’t that be a precious gain that your child can carry along with them for the rest of their life? That’s a Black Belt Club Program. To find out if you can qualify to be in the Black Belt Club, come and talk to Master Lee either by appointment or when he’s available.
Do I have to join the Sparring class?
Sparring is an important part of training, but it is not pressured for anyone to join if they feel uncomfortable. If you are uncertain for any reason, feel free to come and talk to Master Lee and he will guide you in the right direction.