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Special Events

Lee’s Martial Arts Academy (LMAA) has several special events throughout the year that are a lot of fun and also helpful in the student’s development.


Twice a year, several Taekwondo schools in the area come together to compete in poomse (forms), breaking boards, and sparring. There is even a demo team competition where each school gets to show off their top students in an exciting performance. Tournaments are a good way for students to build confidence and learn how to shine in front of a crowd.

Fun In The Park

LMAA’s demo team performs at the Wilsonville Fun In The Park each year which usually falls on the first weekend in August. This 30-minute performance showcases some of our best students and will give you a glimpse into some of the techniques that Master Lee teaches. You will see kicking, self-defense, forms, board breaking, nunchucks, bo staff, and much more. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

View the demo team's performance at Fun in the Park 2019 - Video

Mom and Me

This event held the Saturday before Mother’s day and is a great chance for the mothers of our taekwondo students to join them on the mat for an hour long session. It’s one thing to watch your child on the mat each week; it’s another to join them in some basic moves. It’s always a great time.

Dad and Me

Just like the Mom and Me event, this is a great opportunity for the dads to join their child on the mat. This event is held the Saturday before Father’s day.

Parents Night Out

During the Valentine’s season, LMAA holds a parents night out event where your child gets to play games, watch a movie, each pizza, and have some serious fun at the Dojang all while you and your spouse get some time alone.

Halloween Party

The Halloween parties at LMAA are legendary and are so much fun you will never want to miss one. The costumes are amazing and the games are super fun.

Belt Ceremony and Holiday Potluck

Near the end of the year, LMAA puts on a belt ceremony and potluck that caps off the year and gives us a chance to get together to honor our students, eat some great food, and visit with all the other parents.

Summer Camps

LMAA offers several week long summer camps that are sure to be a hit with your child. Each of the camps focuses on something specific like, foam nunchucks, sparing, bo staff, balance, board breaking and kicking. The camps also include fun activities for the students like going to the movies, and playing at the park. Contact us in May for the upcoming summer camps. You won’t want to miss them.