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Rules and Regulations

kicking pad
kicking pad

Training in Martial Arts is mental as well as physical in nature. In addition to techniques of self-defense, we are learning an art which builds self-control, discipline and respect for other people. These mental states are attained by following of certain traditions and formal behavior while within the Do-Jang.

  1. Respect and obey your instructors and higher ranking belts at all times.
  2. Always bow: -upon entering and leaving the Do-Jahng. -upon entering and leaving the mat area. -when first seeing the instructor and Master, and once again when leaving for the day. -when beginning and ending practice with a partner. -before and after asking the instructor for assistance or advice.
  3. For health and safety reasons, always wear a clean uniform, no jewelry, and keep nails trimmed short.
  4. No shoes, smoking, drinking water or soft drinks, chewing gum, loud talking, laughing, or horse play in class. The instructor will let you know when it is time for water breaks.
  5. No unnecessary noise. When not participating, please sit or stretch quietly; remember that by watching others practice, you will also learn.
  6. No slouching, reclining, sitting, or leaning against the wall is allowed in class.
  7. Do not sit on the gymnastics mats or touch the mirrors.
  8. Do not use any profanity.
  9. You should refer to higher ranking belts as Mr. Mrs.____, no matter what their age.
  10. The Master Instructor of your school is always to be addressed by their proper title, “Sir”, or “Sa-bum-nim.”
  11. In reply to a question or command requiring an answer, all students should answer “Yes, Sir” or “No, Sir”.
  12. The doe-jahng will be kept neat and clean by its members.
  13. Never do anything to dishonor our school or your instructor.
  14. Never willingly fight, no matter what the reason.
  15. Parents: Encourage your children! Their efforts need to be rewarded. Do not compare them with others in the class. Each child is unique, and will benefit differently from the next. Parents and visitors are welcome to watch class anytime; however, we ask that you do not talk to your child during class time. Please leave the discipline and coaching to us.
  16. No concealed weapons or anything that may harm others.
  17. Endeavor to develop yourself mentally and physically in the Martial Arts spirit and to keep friendship with other members.