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Home Jobs

What is a home job?

Everyone starts as a White Belt level when starting taekwondo for the first time at the Lee’s Martial Arts Academy. If you are a first time Taekwondo student and you are in our Children Class, be sure to get ready to follow our famous Home Jobs at home as one of your important priorities to do.

At Lee’s Martial Arts Academy, we believe that everyone needs to earn their belt in order to be promoted to the next level. Even the White Belt students need to follow directions and show that they are able to accomplish our Home Jobs in order to receive their first White Belt from Master Lee.

Children Doing Chores
Children Doing Chores

All students working on our Home Jobs will be doing what many parents ask of their child to do at home. Through this Home Job, they will not only enjoy what their doing but be rewarded for their performance and responsibilities.

Home Jobs is a daily check-mark system for each duty performed at home, and at the end of the term, you must have met the required check marks in order to receive your first White Belt from Master Lee. Some of the duties cover the areas in Discipline, self-Confidence, self-Esteem, and showing Respect & Love.

Taekwondo isn’t just about the training you gain from Master Lee, but it’s the way your life at home, at school, and at your work that is influenced. After you receive your White Belt, you will then start the Five Stripes to Success Program for further training in taekwondo. Don’t wait, take advantage of our Trial Program today!