Moral Philosophy

I shall observe the tenets of TaeKwonDo.
I shall respect the instructor and seniors.
I shall never misuse TaeKwonDo.
I shall be a champion of justice and freedom.
I shall build a more peaceful world.
TaeKwonDo for Myself.
(I am not competing against or trying to keep up with others.
This is something I will learn at my own pace. The more effort I give, the more I will learn.)
TaeKwonDo for L.M.A.A.
(Every student at LMAA is a living representative of the school.
My actions inside and outside the school affect all of the students and the overall reputation of the school.
I will never do anything that would dishonor my classmates, instructors or the school.)
TaeKwonDo for my Country.
(My training has a purpose greater than my own personal benefit.
My training can be used to benefit the community I live in.
Through demonstrations, teaching, mentoring, and my own moral development, I can enhance my life and the lives of the people around me.)
“Peace on Earth begins with Peace within yourself.”